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Summer Activities in Niagara Falls

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

spanishaerocarWith summer just around the corner the time to plan your summer getaway has begun! Picking a place to visit can be the easy part but figuring out how to fill your days can get tricky.

Visiting Niagara Falls on your next summer getaway will ensure you have lots of fun while staying active. Luckily Niagara Falls offers tons of nature activities to keep you and your family outside and busy on your trip.

Here is a list of just some of the nature-based activities available around the city.


With over 15 km of hiking footpaths through six different nature areas, hiking in the region is an easy and fun activity in the beautiful summer weather. Wear your comfy shoes, some sunscreen and a hat and you will be good to go on the trails. With tons of things to do on your hike like taking photos, observing the wildlife and waterways, using binoculars to watch birds or simply walking and listening to the sounds of nature, a hike is a great way to experience the natural side of Niagara Falls.


With the Niagara River Recreational Trail, a 56 km paved trail parallel to the Niagara River, cycling here comes with a beautiful view. The trail passes through many attractions, historic sites and natural areas, which means you can stop and admire the beauty of Niagara Falls at anytime.


If you’re on the more adventurous side, Niagara Parks offers bouldering. With its recent popularity, this activity has combined a social aspect with a physical workout. You can purchase a permit from the Niagara Glen Nature Centre and get on your way to climbing and understanding the Niagara Glen.


If you loved treasure hunts when you were a child then Geocaching is an activity you will fall in love with. Similar to a treasure hunt, the goal of the activity is to find hidden containers known as geocaches using a portable GPS. Log your findings on a website for fellow geocachers to see or place a cache in an outdoor location for others to find!

Birding (Bird Watching)

With summer returning we see the birds that have flown back to enjoy the warmth of the Niagara Region.  Niagara Falls is one of the world’s greatest gatherings of gulls and other migrating birds, which makes it a hotspot for birding!

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A Little History of Niagara Falls

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Niagara Falls has a rich history that has led to the creation of the tourist destination that millions flock to every year. This largest draw however is of course the mighty falls that have been attracting visitors for more than 100 years.

coverSpanning over the Canadian and American border, the formation of the falls began at the end of the Ice Age. Twelve thousand years ago, the water plunged over the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, which eventually wore away the rock layers, moving the Falls to its current location.

Niagara Falls’ residents were mostly comprised of Native Americans living around the region. In 1678, Father Louis Hennepin was the first European documented to visit the area. On his return trip from Niagara Falls to his home in France he published his trip in a book that would bring attention to the region. After his book was published many were intrigued by the city and wanted to explore further, which began the discovery of Niagara Falls.

Once the rail system was created in the 1800s Niagara Falls would see an increase of visitors that would land the city as a tourist hot spot. In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother and his wife honeymooned at the falls, which began the city’s nickname of the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.”

The freezing and thawing of the Niagara River presently wears away at the rocks under the surface, which means the falls are always moving. Modern technologies have caused the falls to wear away at a slower pace which has been done to preserve the falls. The volume of water moving down the falls has been reduced by hydroelectric power, a technology that the city is very proud to declare.

Some Quick Facts

  • There are three waterfalls categorized under “Niagara Falls”
    • American Falls
    • Bridal Veil Falls
    • Canadian Falls (Horseshoe Falls)
    • The Canadian Falls is 167 feet tall with 600,000 gallons or 2,271,247 liters per second travelling through the Falls
    • The word ‘Niagara’ is derived from the Iroquois Indian word “Onguiaahra” meaning “the strait”
    • The flow was halted over both falls on March 30th 1848 due to an ice jam in the upper river
    • Part of the movie Superman II was filmed in the Falls
    • 20% of the worlds freshwater lies in the Great Lakes and most flows over Niagara Falls
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Visit Us and Relax!

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Spa_3Getaways are meant to be relaxing and stress free and what better way to unwind than our Christienne Fallsview Spa? Forget about the outside world and indulge in an afternoon full of relaxation. Choose from one of our three packages and treat yourself on your next trip!

Couple’s Retreat

Your couple’s retreat includes a soothing Stress Relief massage in the luxurious couple’s suite. With a breathtaking view of the falls and a warm fireplace, this couple’s retreat will have you leaving the spa in ultimate peace and relaxation.

Face & Body Treatment

Refresh your body and face with a treatment that will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. With a full body massage and a dip in the infinity hydrotherapy bath you’ll definitely remove all of your built up stress with this package.

Manicure & Pedicure

Watch the falls as you sit back, relax and enjoy a manicure and pedicure at our spa. With our expert staff providing you with a truly pampered experience, it’ll soon be the season to showcase your fingers and toes!

The Christienne Fallsview Spa incorporates luxury and relaxation to ensure that our guests are able to stay with us fully satisfied. Complemented by a view of the falls, stone accents, exotic woods and warmth, our spa will leave you totally relaxed. Indulge in one of our packages and visit our spa on your next trip to the Sheraton on the Falls.

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Gear Up for Wine Season This Spring At Sheraton on the Falls

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Sheraton_7With the warm weather starting to creep up, now is the perfect time to enjoy the pride of the Niagara Region – the wineries. Known around the world for its legendary wineries and beautiful vineyards, you can’t miss out on a visit to a winery for an experience like nowhere else in Canada. With dozens to choose from, all growing a variety of specialized grapes, there is definitely a wine for every taste.

Below is a list of just some of the incredible wineries found in the Niagara Region, all located close to the action of Niagara Falls.

Chateau des Charmes

The venue says it all, with its unique cellar and impressive architecture, Chateau de Charmes is one of the most established and awarded wineries in Niagara. The Bosc family has continued a long tradition of wine making, creating a must visit destination for any wine lover.

Hillebrand Estate

Canada’s largest VQA producer can be found right in the Niagara Region! Hillebrand Estate’s many vineyards and cellars make for a beautiful tour in the spring when the vineyards are beginning to burst back to life.


Named the most technologically advanced wineries producing VQA wines in the country this location will definitely leave you fascinated with the wine making process. With titles such as “Best Canadian Winery” under its belt, this winery is a fantastic choice for the wine enthusiasts visiting the region!

Peller Estates

With tons to do at this massive winery, your time will be well spent at Peller Estates. Offering one of the largest rare vintage libraries, an exceptional restaurant and a distinctive barrel cellar, you can enjoy a day full of tasting and learning about wine.

During the month of March, all of the above wineries will be holding special events that will not only introduce you to the world of Canadian winemaking but tempt you to fall in love with it. For upcoming events, please visit

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