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Jumpstart Your Way Back Into Fitness by Getting Outdoors in Niagara

April 29th, 2015

image001Spring is here, which means summer is fast approaching, and, aside from the millions of New Year’s resolutions earnestly made and sadly forgotten, now is the most popular time people try and get back into shape. Whether it’s driven by the vanity that can so routinely accompany swimsuit season, or you just want to make sure you’re fit enough to partake in any rough and tumble activity the warm weather may thrust in your direction, the warming month of May is the perfect time to get started.

While it may not be a common route many take to fitness, consider taking advantage of longer days and that feeling of optimism that follows a long winter by booking a vacation to Niagara Falls to jumpstart your commitment to getting back into shape.

Why Head to Niagara for Fitness?

Now, of course, it isn’t essential that you go anywhere — let alone Niagara — to start an exercise regimen, because you can get into shape anywhere. After all, it only requires time, resolve, and space to move your body in ways that challenge you enough to increase your fitness level.

However, A trip to Niagara can not only offer those requirements, it can also offer the novelty of different surroundings that can themselves be occasions for exercise and scores of events and attractions that you can use as rewards to motivate yourself. If you’re still not sure that a trip to Niagara is the perfect way to get busy getting fit, consider all the area has to offer.

Get outdoors almost anywhere on the Niagara Peninsula, and you’ll find yourself in some of the most eye-catching land in North America. From the Falls themselves to the vineyards that fill the countryside, Niagara is an inspiring place. Why not use all that beauty as a reason to get outdoors and get some exercise? Here are some outdoor routes and trails that are so lovely, you’ll forget you’re burning calories to enjoy them:

White Water Walk

If you’re brand-new to exercise, the White Water Walk is a great way to jump in. At just a quarter-mile long, this walk sits along the mighty Niagara River’s lower rapids. Get a taste of the water’s power without getting wet, and enjoy some physical activity at the same time.


What better way to explore the Niagara Peninsula’s stunning farmland and vineyards than by bike? Join official short or multiple day trips in the region, or pick your own path. You can bring your own bicycle or rent one from one of the shops in the area.

Trail Running

The Niagara region boasts some of the best trail running in the area, so if you’ve ever laced up a pair of running shoes to enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll love what the area has to offer. The Bruce Trail, which covers 500 miles, has multiple arteries and offshoots where you can fully experience Niagara’s unique flora and fauna.

Get moving with a trip to Niagara. From impressive walks to bike tours and trails, there’s something for everyone who wants to jumpstart their fitness — just get outside in Niagara!

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Why You May Want to Visit Niagara in May

April 22nd, 2015

image001The days are creeping ever closer to high-tourist season in Niagara Falls, which means our event calendars are rapidly filling up with some of the absolute best performances, conventions, festivals, and more. The month of May promises some of the year’s most exciting happenings yet, with celebrity chefs, renowned musicians, and all-around thrilling cultural attractions.

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to visit Niagara Falls, now’s the time; the weather is warm, the entertainment is hot, and the Falls are absolutely stunning during these fabulous May events.

Niagara Food and Wine Expo

Niagara wastes no time getting started with the month’s events. Starting on Friday, May 1 and lasting the weekend, the Niagara Food and Wine Expo promises to deliver fine tastes of wine, beer, spirits, and food from all over the world — including right here in Niagara Falls.

The Niagara region offers some of the richest soils in North America, making the land ripe for growing all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables. Niagara’s wine country is one of the fastest growing in the world as winemakers and critics alike recognize the value of planting vineyards in this fertile landscape. The Niagara Food and Wine Expo promises only the freshest and most delectable ingredients carefully and creatively prepared by master food and beverage makers.

You can take classes from esteemed experts, peruse selections of the world’s best foods and drinks, and hear legendary chefs discuss their own tips and tricks in the kitchen and the culinary business. Plus, various musical and dance performances will occur throughout the expo’s three-day run. When there is so much to do, see, and taste at this one Niagara event, you will barely have time to rest.

Niagara Folk Arts Festival

Less than a week later on May 8, Niagara Falls begins celebrating its cultural heritage with the three-week-long Niagara Folk Arts Festival, which includes everything from a formal ball to a street race. The people of Niagara Falls — as well as greater Canada — are exuberant and accepting, and it is important to revel in such attitudes with a yearly festival of life, love, and culture.

Niagara Falls has been exceedingly multicultural even before European settlers began colonizing the region. The waterfalls are powerfully awe-inspiring to all groups of people, and locals have a history of being welcome and non-discriminatory to any race, religion, and background. In fact, Niagara Falls was once one of the end points for the Underground Railroad, and many escaped slaves from the southern U.S. fled to the region for its promise of freedom.

The Niagara Folk Arts Festival, hosted by the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre, is intended to highlight and commend the diverse community that now thrives in Niagara Falls. Every week offers a new and fascinating event open to any- and everyone. There will be a culinary crawl that encourages natives and visitors alike to explore the range of tastes available in the region, and there will be an afternoon outdoors devoted to crafts and workshops that engage all ages. The festival is long and varied, which means there is plenty of time to explore other Niagara attractions while participating in multicultural fun.

Shaw Festival 2015 Season

image003The Niagara region has a well-known reputation for offering superb stage productions — the “Oh Canada, Eh?” dinner theatre has won countless awards for its perfect blend of humor, music, and Canadian patriotism — but that status is largely earned by the annual Shaw Festival, opening in May in nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Every year, a theatre company devoted to the works of Bernard Shaw and Shavian artists performs amazing plays with the intention of captivating audiences’ body and soul through the magic of the stage. The festival has been around since 1962, and in 1973, the festival was opened by none other than Queen Elizabeth II, an avid patron of the performing arts. Today, four separate theatres participate in the festival — the Festival Theatre, the Court House, the Royal George, and the Studio Theatre — offering a bevy of stage productions until the festival’s season close in September. Throughout the month of May, players will perform recognizable and unfamiliar titles alike:

  • “Sweet Charity”
  • “Peter and the Starcatcher”
  • “Pygmalion”
  • “You Never Can Tell”
  • “The Lady From the Sea”
  • “Top Girls”

While you are in Niagara-on-the-Lake, you can explore the town’s quaint architecture and boutiques that harken back to a sweeter, simpler time. The beautiful May weather makes exploring the town’s streets and parks an absolute joy. Of course, the 2015 season does extend throughout the summer and into the fall, so if you can’t make it to a May show, you may still be able to catch a phenomenal theatre experience of other outstanding Shavian plays.

These three exceedingly important events make May one of the most exciting months to visit Niagara Falls — but the upcoming season promises even more activities and attractions that make a vacation here worthwhile. So, while you may be considering a trip to Niagara Falls in May, you may also want to make vacation plans for June, July, and August while you’re at it.

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How to Organize a Field Trip to Niagara Falls

April 16th, 2015

image001Whether your kids are homeschooled or your public school needs a break from the classroom, an extended field trip allows children to develop connections between what they learn in school and how they experience the real world. Plus, kids love new experiences, and field trips usually are as entertaining and exciting as they are educational.

Because Niagara Falls is such a dazzling natural phenomenon, it makes perfect sense to plan a field trip exploring the fascinating science and rich history of the place. Here’s all you need to know to plan your extended field trip in Niagara Falls.

Research Your Potential Itinerary

Niagara Falls is so surfeit with exciting and educational activities and attractions that if you don’t plan well you might leave without experiencing some of the best. What you choose to show your students will depend on their grade level and the areas of knowledge you hope to expand.

For example, for a trip devoted to exploring the historical events of Niagara Falls, you should certainly plan stops at:

  • Laura Secord Homestead
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • Niagara Daredevils Exhibit
  • McFarland House
  • Lundy’s Lane Battlefield

If you want your students to learn more about the complex geologic processes that formed the waterfalls, you can’t miss:

  • Niagara Falls Natural History Museum
  • White Water Walk
  • Niagara’s Fury
  • Hydroelectric Power Station
  • Journey Behind the Falls

The abundant fecundity of the Niagara region makes the city and surrounds flourish; here are the places you and your students can investigate biology and ecology:

  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • Safari Niagara
  • Bird Kingdom

Of course, a well-rounded education is always superior to one that emphasizes one subject alone. It is wise to mix and match different areas of study to provide your kids as much real-world experience as possible. However, before you fill your days to bursting with purely educational activities, you should be sure to allow your kids time to enjoy some just-for-fun attractions, including:

  • Greg Frewin Theatre
  • Adventure City Arcade
  • Hornblower Niagara Cruises boat tour

Organize Transport, Lodging, and Meals

image003A road trip to Niagara Falls couldn’t be easier — when you don’t have 20 kids to look after morning, noon, and night. While planning future activities can be thrilling, thinking about the logistics of any trip is usually more work than play. However, because Niagara Falls is such a popular vacation destination, it is well-equipped with all the services you need to make lodging and meals incredibly easy.

More likely than not, your school board will provide bus transportation and drivers to convey your class from here to there. However, if you don’t have access to buses — whether due to budget cuts or homeschooling — you may be relieved to know that Niagara Falls is equipped with one of the most advanced tourism transit systems in the world, WEGO. Instead of worrying about cabs or rental cars, you can corral all the students onto one WEGO bus and reach basically any Niagara Falls attraction you might want to see.

In order to make exploring Niagara Falls as safe and easy as possible, you should find accommodation in a comfortable hotel in the city’s tourist district. Sheraton on the Falls is just steps from dozens of top attractions, and it has been serving visitors to the Falls for decades, so you can be sure it provides excellent quality for low expense.

Finally, Niagara Falls is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world, which means the city offers hundreds of restaurant options for young, picky eaters. While it may be cost-effective to bring along snacks to keep little ones full and focused, you should know that plenty of eateries around the tourist district offer filling and nutritious meals that kids love. Some of the most popular family-friendly restaurants include:

  • Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
  • Rainforest Café
  • Fallsview Buffet
  • Hard Rock Cafe

Complete the Necessary Paperwork

Homeschool and traditional classes alike require a bit of bureaucracy to function regularly, so when you want to break the regular schedule in favor of an educational opportunity you can’t miss (i.e. a field trip) you can expect a small mountain of paperwork to complete before the excursion can happen. You may need to contact the school board, principal, intended destinations, and more to provide information, such as:

  • Why you want a field trip
  • How many children will attend
  • Who the chaperones are
  • Where you will be staying
  • What activities and attractions you are planning

You will need permission from all participants — including kids’ parents — before you can leave for your class’s most memorable field trip.

Even though logically Niagara Falls is a geologic phenomenon that formed over hundreds of thousands of years of shifting rock and melting ice, it can be easy to believe that Niagara Falls was created just for kids. You can allow your class to learn and discover the mysteries of Niagara Falls while they let loose in this entertaining destination when you plan your field trip to this natural wonder.

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The Best 9-Hole Golf Courses in the Niagara Region

April 8th, 2015

image001Golf is a game with a lengthy history that goes back at least as far as the 15th century where the first written reference to the sport, in 1457 in Scotland, occurred when James II banned the game, because it was creating too much of a distraction from the practice of archery. By the time James V rolled around, the distraction had been whole-heartedly embraced, and today, all over the world, that distraction continues.

In the United States alone, more than 24 million people play the game, and in Canada, the numbers sit somewhere between 3 and 6 million. Canada’s golfing season is shorter than much of North America’s, but the Niagara region still boasts an impressive number of courses. Especially for the golfer who’s most intrigued by the sport’s precision and finesse, Niagara’s many excellent 9-hole courses are a must. If you fancy yourself a golfer, and you’re looking to relax in Niagara during the spring, summer, or fall, here are some of the best 9-hole courses in the area.

1. Peach Trees Golf

Located in the Old Town section of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Peach Trees Golf course is a 9-hole, Par 27 course that covers 1,375 yards. A course designed to appeal to novices and old hats alike, the green fees are affordable with discounts for seniors, students, and children available. Lovely greens and tree-lined fairways meet challenging water hazards and bunkers. If you’re traveling in a group with players of widely differing skill, this course is ideal.

2. Royal Niagara Golf Club

image003Also located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Royal Niagara Golf Club boasts three unique courses that cover over 7,000 yards. Every hole provides a satisfying challenge, whether you’re teeing off at The Escarpment Course, playing The Iron Bridge Course, or enjoying the beautiful scenery along The Old Canal Course. The green fees here are noticeably higher than at Peach Trees Golf, but then again, the atmosphere is a bit more exclusive. Be sure to follow the dress code: Men must wear shirts with sleeves and collars, paired with Bermuda shorts or slacks, and women must wear Bermuda or walking shorts.

3. St. David’s Golf Club

The only 9-hole course in St. David, this course is situated near the site of the Battle of Queenston Heights, the first major battle of the War of 1812. With enough bunkers, dog legs, and water hazards to challenge just about any golfer, this 9-hole course also has rental pull and power carts available.

4. Rio Vista Golf Course

This Fort Erie course is a Par 36, full-sized 9-hole course that covers 3,370 yards and includes a number of Par 4’s and Par 3’s, as well as two holes that are Par 5. Considered one of the more difficult courses to play in the area, Rio Vista offers elevation changes, bunkers, trees, water hazards, and ravines that all threaten to derail the game of even the most seasoned golfer. For a golfing experience where you can truly test your mettle and skill, head to Fort Erie, and play the Rio Vista Golf Course.

Be sure to bring along your golf clubs the next time you find yourself in Niagara. These 9-hole courses will not only place you in the midst of the lush Niagara landscape, but they’ll also further you along on your quest to become a better golfer.

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Traveling Alone? Why Niagara Falls Is a Great Destination

March 19th, 2015

image001When most people think about going on vacation, they envision time spent with family, as a couple, or among friends in fun-filled, exotic locations, and while people jet setting in pairs or groups is certainly the most common vacation experience most people have, the trend toward solo travel is steadily gaining steam for a number of reasons.

Imagine going to sleep and awaking whenever you wanted to, eating at the restaurant you desired every meal, and sightseeing according to your own interests — traveling alone offers the individual willing to try it a chance to experience a new place at her own pace and according to her own desires. Many people claim solo travel is the epitome of rest and relaxation. Others love the feeling of not being hampered by others’ whims and tastes. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering embarking on a solo trip in the upcoming future, make sure staying in Niagara Falls is at the top of your list. From Canadian amiability and hospitality to sights and events that are great regardless of whether or not you’re alone, Niagara Falls is a great destination for the solo traveler.

The Benefits of Soloing in Niagara

image003The primary benefit to traveling alone — especially in Niagara Falls — is that you’ll have to interact with strangers. Most people traveling on business or vacation interact with strangers routinely, because the people who staff the hotel in which they’re staying, the bakery they frequent in the mornings, the vineyards they tour, and the restaurants in which they dine are people they don’t know.

When you’re traveling alone, however, all your interaction will be with strangers, and while that may be off-putting to the more introverted among us, engaging a stranger actually has remarkable benefits — as every seasoned solo traveler knows. Because human beings are social creatures, we all need plenty of interaction with our own kind in order to feel safe, connected, and satisfied on a day-to-day basis, and, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, when we engage a stranger in kindness, our mood is lifted and our feelings of benevolence toward our loved ones and others is increased. Niagara Falls makes interacting with strangers a breeze, because it routinely hosts so many out-of-towners looking to make friends with those around them, and because its inhabitants understand the role that tourists play in the health of the region’s economy. The city of Niagara Falls really is one of the easiest places to be alone, because you’ll be surrounded by people who are genuinely glad to make your acquaintance throughout your visit.

Niagara Falls is also great for solo travelers, because there is so much for a person to do alone. The stunning majesty of the Falls ensures that any expedition undertaken in and around the water will more than occupy you, and the wineries’ tasting rooms are filled with oenophiles just dying to talk about the grapes, the vintage, the mouth feel. The place has more than enough to fill your senses, your time, and your imagination. Who needs a group of friends when you’ve got Nature’s power and a storehouse of entertainment all around you? Great solo options include:

What are you waiting for? Book the vacation of your dreams, and travel by yourself to Niagara Falls, where lovers and individuals have the time of their lives.

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Niagara Falls

March 13th, 2015

image001If anything can be said of the Irish, it is that they are deeply connected to their heritage. It doesn’t matter if they still reside on the Emerald Isles or have emigrated for greener pastures; the Irish are loud and proud of their cultural traditions.

On no day is this more obvious than March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. Ostensibly commemorating the man who freed Ireland of the serpents’ wrath, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday for wearing green, drinking Guinness responsibly, and enjoying the company of your favorite Irish friends — which you can do with even more fervor while on a vacation in Niagara Falls.

Learn About Irish-Canadians

The Irish have been flocking to Canadian shores since the middle of the 19th century, perhaps due to the close ties the U.K. still has with its one-time colony. During the period between 1825 and 1970, so many Irish relocated to Canada that they became the second largest immigrant group in the country — outnumbered only by the French — totaling about a quarter of the entire Canadian population.

Ontario has always been particularly popular among Irish immigrants due to the wealth of jobs available in the wealthy agricultural and industrial province. Most scholars note that the experience of Irish immigrants in Canada was vastly different from those in America: The plentiful availability of land as well as the lack of social barriers restricting social mobility allowed the Irish to integrate well into Canadian society.

Today, what the U.S. popularly calls St. Patrick’s Day is labeled Irish Heritage Day in Ontario, as the Canadian people feel indebted to their Irish population for making the province into the functioning, peaceful place it is today.

Celebrate in Niagara Falls

image003Though Niagara Falls can’t offer the density or rowdiness of Irish populations in, for example, Boston, Massachusetts, the city still offers some of Canada’s best St. Patrick’s Day festivities. From singing shanties in an Irish pub to seeing green all night long, you should be able to enjoy the most perfectly Irish of days in Niagara Falls.

  • See the Falls at night. Niagara Falls is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day — but for different reasons. The city delights in illuminating the Falls in various hues for visitors’ endless enjoyment, and they always match the Falls’ colors with special holidays. On the night of March 17, you’ll be able to see the waterfalls proudly lit in bright, Irish green.
  • Enjoy the parade. New York City and other metropolises with plenty of Irish go all-out for their St. Patrick’s Day parades, but Niagara Falls notoriously takes a different tack by celebrating with the world’s shortest parade. The tradition began in the 1970s, and every year the parade has become just a few steps shorter. While viewing the event won’t take much time out of your day, you can extend the festivity by enjoying the beer and food available afterwards.
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March to Niagara Falls for These Springtime Attractions

March 8th, 2015

image001Spring in Niagara Falls is a beautiful time of year, when the winter snows melt and the landscape turns bright green with new life. While March doesn’t yet boast the multi-hued buds in Niagara’s luscious gardens, this month is still one of the most enjoyable times of year to visit the region.

After the freezing temperatures of winter but before the tourist season of summer, March presents the perfect opportunity to comfortably see the sights without the pressure of millions of fellow travelers. Here are our favorite March activities to keep you and yours busy on your Niagara vacation.

1. Christienne Fallsview Spa

Most people go on vacation to catch up on rest and relaxation, and there is no better way to melt stress away than at Niagara Falls’ Christienne Fallsview Spa. With dozens of treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body, this spa will have you feeling ready and raring for new life challenges as soon as you step out the door. Our favorite service is the hydrotherapy infinity tub, which faces enormous windows overlooking Horseshoe Falls; the sight and sound of that rushing water soothes our tense muscles like magic.

2. Greg Frewin Theatre

Speaking of magic, there is no better complement to the mystery of Niagara Falls than a terrific magic show, and there is no better magic show than one performed by Greg Frewin, World Champion of Magic. At his phenomenal Greg Frewin Theatre, the illustrious illusionist accomplishes amazing feats, making people and objects disappear in the blink of an eye. Kids and adults alike enjoy the playful banter of Frewin and his associates, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you spend the rest of your trip wondering “How does he do it?”

3. Bird Kingdom

image003Believe it or not, just five minutes from Canada’s gorgeous natural wonder Niagara Falls lies a lush tropical landscape filled with exotic animals, from brightly plumed birds to ornately patterned reptiles — and more. The Bird Kingdom brings the warmth and color of the tropical rainforest to Niagara Falls, welcoming visitors to see and hold hundreds of bizarre creatures from distant lands. The zoo contains the world’s largest indoor free-flying aviary, allowing birds of many stripes to enjoy spreading their wings while visitors walk below; plus, guests can venture into the Night Jungle, where nocturnal beasts like bats and owls go on the prowl. Even as you step into the cool air of March in Niagara Falls, you’ll still have memories of your short vacation in the tropics.

4. Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show

It’s a rollicking performance of Canadian national pride — no, it’s a filling, delicious meal of Canada’s most iconic foods — no, it’s both! The “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show” offers visitors a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience, demonstrating fully what it is to be Canadian through presentations of familiar Canadian characters, like the Mountie and the hockey player; sing-alongs of traditional Canadian folk songs, like “Something to Sing About” and “Oh, Canada;” and delicious Canadian foods, like fried Atlantic Haddock, French-Canadian pea soup, and maple chocolate cake. Winning several awards over its 20 years on stage for its outstanding songs, dancing, and acting, the “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show” will have you laughing through all five courses, plus dessert.

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The Two Islands That Make Niagara Falls Great

March 1st, 2015

image001Everyone knows about the magnificent waterfalls that give the Niagara region its name and fame. However, not many people know about the large, natural islands that emerge around the swirling, thundering waters of the Niagara River. On your next stay in Niagara Falls, consider exploring either of the following beautiful islands to learn a little more and Niagara history and ecology.

Goat Island

The largest, and most memorable, island in the Niagara River is inarguably Goat Island, which works to separate the large, Canadian Horseshoe Falls from the smaller American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

In the late 18th century, the Seneca, an American Indian group, signed a large portion of land in the Niagara region to the British in reparations for their historical attacks on British traders. One of the victimized traders, John Stedman, claimed an island as his rightful property from the treaty, and he used the land to raise goats. Though the goats died in a particularly harsh winter not long after Stedman assumed the land, the name of the island stuck: Goat Island. Even after New York gained control of the island — and attempted to rename it Iris Island after the Greek goddess of rainbows — locals refused to call it anything but Goat Island.

As Niagara Falls became more popular among tourists, many entrepreneurs imagined Goat Island as an extension of the bustling tourist district. Vanderbilt, the railroad titan, imagined the island as a smaller, more elite attractions space, filled with hotels, shopping, and restaurants. Conversely, P.T. Barnum of circus fame fought heavily to make Goat Island one of the country’s largest circus grounds. Today, Goat Island is legally owned by the State of New York, and it is registered as a part of the Niagara State Parks system. Because the island is open to visitors but bereft of inhabitants, the flora and fauna indigenous to the region have flourished.

Situated between the two groups of Falls, Goat Island offers some unique views of the region; you absolutely cannot miss Terrapin Point, which offers a grand look at the Niagara landscape of New York. You can reach Goat Island via a variety of routes: a foot path, road, and trackless train all cross the thundering Niagara River to deliver visitors to the beautiful island.

Luna Island

image003A smaller spot of land to the north of Goat Island, Luna Island separates American Falls from Bridal Veil Falls. While this location is often overshadowed the grandeur of its larger neighbor, Luna Island has plenty to offer intrepid travelers looking for exceptional views.

Initially called Prospect Island due to the land’s superior views over much of the Niagara region, the island soon became famous for the inimitable moonscapes visible from its lookouts. On bright moonlit nights, many a face turned skyward on Luna Island could see magnificent lunar rainbows through the Falls’ mists. Today, the magnificent fireworks shows and the nightly illumination of the waterfalls and surrounding landscape make moon bows a rare sight — but dedicated visitors may still perceive a dash of color in the night sky.

Tourists can reach Luna Island by traveling to and through Goat Island. Though Luna Island isn’t large enough to warrant a vehicle path, pedestrians may cross a walking bridge to see Niagara from this picturesque space.

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7 Fast Facts About Niagara Falls

February 23rd, 2015

Niagara Falls is a wondrous place due to the astounding power and beauty of its three waterfalls. However, not many visitors understand just how one-of-a-kind the Falls are and how much the northeast relies on them for survival. To inform your next trip to Niagara Falls, here are 7 fantastic facts about our natural wonder.

1. Niagara Falls Has the Highest Flow Rate of Any Waterfall

image001Though in reality Niagara Falls is comprised of three separate waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls in Canada and American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls in the U.S., all three Falls’ combined boast a flow rate of more than six million cubic feet per minute, which is more than any other waterfall on Earth. However, Horseshoe Falls alone is the most powerful and tallest waterfall in North America.

2. An Island Separates the American and Canadian Falls

Though the place is called Goat Island, the small tract of land between the American and Canadian Falls doesn’t actually contain any goats. At one time, before Goat Island was added to New York’s Niagara State Park, entrepreneurs argued over what the land could be used for; P. T. Barnum heavily campaigned for the island to be used as a permanent circus grounds.

3. Niagara Falls Has Moved Since It Formed

More than 12,000 years ago, when water first started careening off the Niagara Escarpment, the Falls were situated seven miles downriver, in what is present-day Lewiston, New York and Queenstown, Ontario. Due to efforts to conserve the Falls, they are now eroding slower, with Horseshoe Falls losing less than 12 inches every year and the American Falls down to three to four inches every 10 years.

4. Niagara Falls Is Fed by the Great Lakes

Streams and rivers throughout the countryside empty their water into Lake Superior. From there, the fresh water travels through Lake Huron and Lake Eerie, which channel into the Niagara River. After speeding over the Niagara Escarpment in the Falls, water travels to Lake Ontario, and finally out to the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence River.

5. A Treaty Specifies How Much Water Can Be Diverted

In an attempt to balance residential water and energy needs and preservation of the waterfalls’ natural beauty, Canada and the U.S. struck up the 1950 Niagara Treaty, which states that during daylight hours between April 1 and October 31 (high tourist season), the Falls’ flow rate should never fall below 100,000 cubic feet per second.

6. More Than 30 Million People Visit Niagara Falls Every image003Year

The revenue gained by local businesses from so many tourists allows the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of New York to fund public works projects, like infrastructure maintenance and better schools.

7. The First Person to Survive Going Over the Falls Did in 1901

A 63-year-old school teacher named Annie Edison Taylor decided to attempt the trip in a wooden barrel padded by a thin mattress. Though she hoped to gain fame and fortune with the feat, Taylor never did garner much wealth, and is often quoted as saying “I would sooner walk up to the mouth of a cannon, knowing it was going to blow me to pieces than make another trip over the Falls.” Still, others have unfortunately attempted the trick throughout the intervening century in varying levels of success and failure.

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Niagaralicious Launches At Falls Avenue Resort

February 20th, 2015

niagaralicious-2A brand new dining and hotel experience has launched in Niagara Falls, Ontario with Falls Avenue Resort’s Niagaralicious culinary series. This unique dining opportunity allows guests to choose between special dinner menus at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra, Windows by Jamie Kennedy, Fallsview Buffet Restaurant, and Hard Rock Café Niagara Falls, and pair their culinary experience with accommodations at the first-rate Sheraton on the Falls or Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls-Fallsview. This limited time series showcases remarkable local cuisine and gives guests an unparalleled Niagara Falls experience.

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