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Experiencing Niagara Falls with Katy Perry

My Saturday with Katy Perry
By David Baldin, Director of Provincial Associations for Sheraton on the Falls

Saturday June 16th, 2012 was turning out to be just another day until I got the call which would rock my world. One of the biggest names in music was heading to Niagara Falls and wanted to come to Falls Avenue Resort

I quickly set forth on creating an itinerary utilizing our resources and service experience with VIP clients to create what we thought would be “an experience of a lifetime.” Our one problem was time – Katy Perry would be arriving in Niagara within hours.  

After an hour or so of phone calls, texts, and emails, It was decided that in addition to the Falls Avenue Resort, we’d make sure that Ms. Perry had the chance to experience as many attractions and wonders of Niagara as possible.

Sure enough, 4:15 PM came around and a black Escalade pulled up to the Valet at Sheraton on the Falls.  My Saturday with Katy Perry was about to begin. After a warm welcome, Katy, her team and I proceeded to the Fallsview Buffetwhere she freshened up and prepared for the afternoon ahead while enjoying the spectacular views from the restaurant. One of my favourite things about working on the Resort is the reaction from guests and visitors seeing the Falls for the first time, and hers was like many I’ve seen in my day to day experiences. She particularly enjoyed the view from the balcony on the Fallsview Dining Level taking several pictures and asking many questions about the natural wonder.    

From the Sheraton on the Falls we proceeded to the iconic Maid of the Mist. I was a bit anxious because I did not know how Katy would feel about getting wet from the mist of the Falls but my concerns were put to rest when Katy asked, “where do you stand to get soaked?”   Our party went to the front of the boat and were soaked in the mist within minutes. Katy laughed and screamed as we came within feet of the thundering Falls.  

Caught up in the excitement, I didn’t realize that word got out about Katy’s arrival at the Maid and her fans were ready and waiting when we departed the boat. She was extremely accommodating, signing every autograph asked and posing for every photo requested leaving her fans with smiles almost as big as hers.  

Our next stop was to the Skylon Tower for dinner, after Katy expressed the wish to experience the Falls from the sky.  

After dinner Katy asked about the “tunnels beneath the Falls” so we Journey Behind the Falls our next stop. The staff at Journey Behind the Falls were just closing but when they discovered who was coming, they stayed open. We were quickly escorted the back way into the attraction and again, Katy’s awe of the Falls became apparent. Upon leaving the attraction, Katy noticed a photo-booth where pictures could be taken against a green screen backdrop which would become the singer and her party balancing on a wire above the Falls. The image caused much excitement and laughter and was posted on Twitter.

Unfortunately that brought our tour to an end, as Katy was going back to Toronto to prepare for her performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. Katy departed with a quick hug and an autograph for my daughters. My evening was a true success with Katy having the time of her life in Niagara and an opportunity for me to re-experience some of our amazing attractions and restaurants.

Thank you to the staff at the Falls Avenue Resort and Sheraton on the Falls for helping me make Katy’s Niagara visit an experience “Like Nowhere Else”

Katy Perry In Niagara Falls
Me and Katy Perry

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