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A Local’s Guide of Things To Do In and Around Niagara Falls

Sheraton On The Falls View of the FallsThe best way to find the best deals, coolest things to see, and attractions that you may not know about is to get the skinny from a local.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick guide from a local to enjoying Niagara Falls! Take a look below for some quick tips on getting the most out of your next visit to Niagara Falls.

  • More than just Clifton Hill: While there’s a lot of fun to be had on Clifton Hill, you can find spots that are a little less busy but just as fun if you are willing to go a little further off the beaten path. Walk up Centre Street past Victoria Ave. and check out the night life for a whole different experience.
  • Hike the Niagara Gorge: You can head to the Table Rock Welcome Centre for an up close and personal view of the Falls, or even get a perfect view from on high at Massimo’s Italian Fallsview Restaurant in the Sheraton on the Falls, but one of the local secrets is a little further along the Niagara River. After crashing down the Falls the water races through the narrow gorge where it turns into impressive white water rapids. You can hike down on the free trail that will bring you right along the raging gorge waters to take in the experience for yourself.
  • The Drive-in Movie Theatre: Head down Hwy 20 just out of town and enjoy a drive-in movie at Can-view drive-in. This old school past time is an incredibly fun way to spend an evening watching newly released movies and is one of the last of its kind in Canada.
  • Gaming on a weeknight: Everyone thinks that the Niagara Falls casinos are a weekend activity, but the fact is every night can be just as much fun. If you head to Casino Niagara on a weeknight you can avoid long lines and high table minimums. If you’re staying in Niagara Falls through the week, be sure to check out Casino Niagara while you’re there and enjoy everything that they have to offer.
  • Catch the fireworks: Schedule your Fallsview dinners at Massimo’s Italian Fallsview Restaurant or Prime Steakhouse a little later on a weekend evening and catch the fireworks show over Niagara Falls from the perfect view.