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Onguiraaha Is A Short Walk from Sheraton on the Falls

onguiaahra“Onguiraaha – Thunder of Waters, ” a new outdoor sound and light show opened to rave reviews over the weekend.

Niagara Falls started with “single drop of water” 12,000 years ago and it will end the same way 50,000 years from now, according to a new “sound and light show” being staged until December in Queen Victoria Park.

Standing within throwing distance of the Niagara River is the perfect setting to learn about water – “one of the most powerful forces in nature” – and how it shapes the geography that surrounds us.

All the while, a narrator talks you through how Niagara Falls was created 12,000 years ago when a single drop of water decided to run downhill toward Lake Ontario and started carving out the Niagara gorge.

As the show ends, the narrator forecasts a day 50,000 years from now when a single drop of water “will push the falls into oblivion, leaving just a river.” This kind of sound and light show is a natural for Niagara Falls.

Onguiraaha – Thunder of Waters opened on Friday Aug. 22 and is on until Monday Sept. 1., 2014. It runs three times every night – at 7:15 p.m., 8:15 and 9:15. On Friday and Sunday night, the show was a warm-up for the thousands of people hanging out in Queen Victoria Park waiting for the 10 p.m. fireworks display.