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5 Stunning Golf Courses Around Niagara Falls

Man teeing off It’s no wonder that Niagara Falls has become a golfer’s paradise. The landscapes around Niagara Falls are beautiful and lush, allowing for amazing views on world-class courses. After reviewing the more than 15 courses in the Niagara region, we’ve come up with this short list of our absolute favorites. If you’re traveling with a golfer, or you and your loved ones are golf enthusiasts, try your swing at one of these world-renowned courses.

Grand Niagara Golf Club

This course is unarguably one of the most beautiful in the entire country, if not the world. The course is relatively quiet, set well into the rural surroundings of Niagara Falls, allowing for a serene and stress-relieving game of golf. This course is relatively challenging, especially for amateur golfers, so bring plenty of balls and be prepared to go into the rough if you haven’t perfected your swing. The designer and builder of the course is confident that this course will soon host a major championship — so book your tee time while you still can.

Thundering Waters

Playing golf on this course is the closest you can get to playing around the falls themselves. Only 1500 yards from the power and majesty of the falls, Thundering Waters really earns its name. This is definitely one of the hardest courses in the Niagara region; the course is littered with sand traps and woods, and the green doesn’t grab, so your balls will roll. However, the thick woods and rolling hills make for a stunning view no matter where you’re swinging, so be sure to take a break from wedging your ball back onto the fairway to take in the beauty.

Whirlpool Golf Club

This course is maintained by the Niagara Parks, and thus it is one of the most cost-effective courses available to golfers on vacation in Niagara Falls. From the course, you can get amazing views of the Niagara Gorge and Niagara River Whirlpool rapids. More than 60 years old, this course has withstood the test of time; its hills are as challenging as ever and make for plenty of blind shots to keep golfers of all abilities on their toes.

Legends on the Niagara

Men on golf courseComprised of three separate courses (named Battlefield, Ushers Creek, and Chippawa) Legends on the Niagara has been rated among the top 100 courses in Canada for several years now. Each individual course is intended to challenge golfers of different abilities, so it’s the goldilocks of golfing in the Niagara region. Plus, the courses meld almost seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, meaning golfers get unmatched views. Many golfers say that these courses are some of the best-kept in the area, which means you can count on having the best course available no matter what time of day or year.

Royal Niagara

Another course relatively close to the falls, Royal Niagara is nestled comfortably between the Niagara Escarpment, the popular Bruce Trail, and the Welland Canal, which all offer gorgeous and important scenery. This course takes advantage of the natural environment, using native land contours and woods to shape each hole. Paying homage to its environment, the course has an abundance of water features, so make sure you aim carefully if you don’t want to take too many penalties.