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A Niagara Falls Guide to Staying Fit on Vacation

sheratonblog7.jpegEveryone always says that a vacation is an opportunity to let loose — to relax, eat what you want, and not worry about the consequences. But fitness enthusiasts know what it feels like to skip a workout and overindulge in rich, delicious meals. It is nearly impossible to feel good on vacation when your mind continues to count calories and your body ever so slowly starts to lose its tightness.

That’s why we’ve crafted this handy guide to keep you happily in shape during your trip to Niagara Falls. Relaxing, indulging, and staying fit are entirely within reach if you keep these tips in mind next time you head north to your favorite vacation destination.

Prepare in Advance

Before you leave for your vacation, push your body harder than usual in your regular workout routine. These difficult days of exercise will necessitate a few days off for your body to recover and heal properly, which gives you a fair excuse to stay off your feet during the first couple days of vacation.

Book Active Adventures

Wherever you’re heading, you will be able to find tours or sightseeing opportunities that require a little more work than others. Instead of riding the double-decker bus around the city, buy tickets to walking or biking tours that keep you active while showing you the sights. This way, you can fit workouts into touristy attractions.

Spend Time With the Kids

Children are a bottomless well of energy, and you can use their enthusiasm for activity to bolster your vacation exercise. Run and play with your kids any chance you get, and soon you’ll be feeling your lungs and muscles in ways you never could in a gym.

Niagara has plenty of attractions perfect for little ones, and you, to blow off steam; head to Fallsview Indoor Water Park for some wet and wild activity, or simply romp around Queen Victoria Park in full view of the glorious falls.


sheratonblog8.jpegYou don’t always need a tour group to get the most out of a destination. Walk around the city and parks on your own to see details a guide likely wouldn’t point out. The forests around Niagara Falls are gorgeous during any season, and there are countless hiking and walking paths that offer stunning views of the falls and surrounding areas. You can bring your family and plan a picnic, or simply branch out on your own to discover the beauty of the region during some simple and enjoyable exercise.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You can do any or all of the above tricks and still feel unhappy with your level of exercise on vacation. In truth, the best possible advice is what we started with: Vacation is about letting go of your regular worries and enjoying the sights and smells of a place. Try to keep your fitness-related stress under control by remembering you’ll be able to pick up where you left off in just a few days.