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3 Ways to Stay Fit in Niagara Falls

SOTFblog5.jpegLosing weight, getting fit, and staying healthy, are always among the most popular resolutions when the New Year rolls around, but once the second week of January passes, too many people forget their promises of self-improvement and sink back into their old ways. This year, you can resolve to release yourself from the cycle of poor health with a trip to Niagara Falls.

The clean, crisp air of Niagara Falls creates an idyllic location for exercise and wellness, and a break from the humdrum existence at home — with all its dangerous triggers like television and fatty holiday leftovers — is just what you need to stay strong in your fight to get fit. Here are all the ways Niagara Falls will whip you into shape during your first vacation in the New Year.

Hiking Trails

Niagara is known for its nature — not only are the famous waterfalls the number-one reason travelers flock here from all over the world, but the verdant region is full of lush forests and farmland ripe for exploration. Eschewing the car for human-powered transportation (shoes are most common, but bikes work just as well) you can see more stunning Niagara scenery than you thought possible — all while getting in a fantastic workout.

Strolls through gardens, walks through Niagara Falls’ neighborhoods, and hikes through the wilderness are some of the most fulfilling ways to lose weight and build strength. The long duration and low impact of the activity increases your calorie burn while decreasing your risk for injury, and with all the brand-new sights and sounds, you are less likely to notice any aches in your muscles. Niagara Falls clearly offers the best exercise opportunities around.

Healthy Food

The fertile soil of the Niagara region isn’t just good for landscapes — it also helps local farmers grow some of the biggest and best crops on the continent. This means that by coming to Niagara Falls, you’ll have access to food made almost exclusively with fresh, healthy ingredients, which will help you maintain a diet aimed toward fitness and weight loss.

Two of Niagara’s best chefs, Jamie Kennedy and Massimo Capra, swear by the superiority of Niagara’s local farmers. At both of their restaurants, Windows by Jamie Kennedy and The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra, meals are lovingly and expertly crafted out of the meats, fruits, and vegetables raised or grown in the surrounding region. In Niagara Falls, you’ll be eating well and nourishing your body, all the while dining on rich and sumptuous feasts.

Holistic Wellness

SOTFblogj7.jpegEating and exercising aren’t the only steps to health; your body works as a machine, and all parts need to be supported in order to achieve your fitness goals. You cannot neglect soothing stress out of your mind and tension out of the hard-to-reach regions of your body.

Niagara Falls’ famous Christienne Fallsview Spa is the perfect place to find balance and wellness in your whole body. Rest and relaxation are crucial steps on the road to fitness, and neglecting them is asking for injury and defeat. Facials, massages, wraps, and more will help you decompress after the pressure of the holidays; only then can you wholly devote your mind and body to completing your New Year’s resolutions.