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Elvis Lives! Niagara Falls’ Elvis Concerts

sotf1.jpegFire Eyes. The Pelvis. The King of Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley inspired dozens of nicknames in the middle of the 20th century, and he earned every last one of them during his reign as singer, actor, and superstar extraordinaire.

Elvis remains one of America’s most infamous celebrities, and his story and music continue to be celebrated around the world. This February, Niagara Falls is hosting a pair of tribute concerts for visitors to reminisce on the glory of the King.

Elvis’s Elevation to Eminence

Elvis Presley may have died a king, but he was born a pauper. The only child of unambitious parents, Elvis’s grew up in less than humble surroundings, first in Mississippi, and then in Memphis Tennessee. As his father jumped from odd job to odd job, Elvis developed a devotion to one interest in particular: music. Spending hours longingly watching the blues musicians perform around Memphis’s entertainment district, Elvis cultivated an appreciation for a variety of sounds and began to create a style all his own.

Elvis rose to prominence as one of the first movers and shakers in the music industry, not only for his signature swiveling dance moves but for his popularization of a new and exciting genre: rock. An amalgam of country music and rhythm and blues, both of which were Southern regional music unknown north of Virginia and west of Texas, rockabilly music (which would later be clipped to “rock” by its fans) was instantly catchy due to its up-tempo and backbeat-driven sound.

At the ripe age of 18, Elvis spent his first few minutes in a recording studio taping songs for his mother; however, while he sang, the studio manager noted his unique sound and excellent voice. Not long after, Elvis found himself fronting a band of four. Then, in 1956, Elvis recorded his first breakout hit, “Heartbreak Hotel,” which would secure his place in the halls of history.

While Elvis appeared in 31 movies and performed 1,159 concerts across United States and Canada, during his career, the King never played for audiences in Niagara Falls — until now. Come to Niagara Falls this February to see Presley on stage, crooning your favorite tunes.

sotf2.jpegElvis: The Way It Was

On February 6, Elvis the Pelvis will come to life to delight audiences in the Greg Frewin Theater. Award-winning tribute artist Steve Michaels is world-famous for his masterful impersonation of the King of Rock and Roll. Not only does the music transpose listeners to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, but Michaels’ high-energy act and the show’s perfect costumes and scenery recreate the feel of a true Elvis concert.

Tickets are on sale now, and children as well as adults are welcome to join. The performance will be accompanied by dinner, so come hungry.

Elvis: Aloha

The following night, February 7, Elvis will mount the stage once again to woo audiences with another round of his record-shattering hits. Michaels will be joined by horns and gospel singers as he recreates the King’s famous 1973 “Aloha From Hawaii” concert.

This show will also take place in the Greg Frewin Theater, with dinner at 6:15 p.m. and the show at 7:30 p.m.