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A Niagara Falls Love Story At Christienne Fallsview Spa

023A2224Dear, Christienne Fallsview Spa – Sheraton on the Falls

Let me give you a glimpse into our wonderful love story and how Christienne Fallsview Spa has played such an intimate role.

I was a widow looking for a soul mate to share the second half of my life with. My now husband was divorced and also looking for a companion…not thinking of marriage, but was blindsided by love.

We both turned to eHarmoney and that is where the conversation started. Our first date we met part way from his home in Ohio and my home in SW Ontario at the Sheraton on the Falls in Niagara Falls. We planned to spend the day…lunch and dinner and an afternoon of conversation to get to know one another.

On the way to lunch in the elevator we saw an ad for Christienne Spa…and we both thought a couple’s massage would be fun.

We went and checked and sure enough they had time for us. It was breathtaking in the Spa and as we stood and looked at the amazing view of the falls…we shared our first kiss…magical!

Fast forward …many rendezvous at Sheraton on the Falls …and to our engagement. We both felt that this is where we wanted to share our vows and commit to each other in marriage. We brought our kids together for an engagement diner and while our girls…both 17 were getting massages in the Christienne Spa my fiancé shared with my boys how he had fallen in love with their mom and what I meant to him…asking them to accept him as a husband to their mom and eventually a friend for them…right there in the same spot we shared our first kiss…very meaningful for everyone.

SpaCoupleMarriedOur wedding day was Oct 4th. We planned to get married outside in the gazebo beside the pool overlooking the spectacular falls. This was not meant to be. It was very cold, windy and rained on and off all day. Plans changed and we went to Plan B…inside in a room with no windows, just our friends and family to share in our vows. We had a sign at the front of the room that said “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” Our ceremony and our vows were the focus…not the view and our moment was beautiful!

The manager of Christienne Spa, Diana, who is always amazing to work, as well as all her girls, invited us to take pictures in the spa on our wedding day. We had planned this for 5:30 when our guests were at the Cocktail reception downstairs. As our photographer started to shoot the pictures we saw the clouds part and for 15 minutes the most spectacular double rainbow appeared! There we were, on our wedding day in the same spot we shared our first kiss and a double rainbow…breathtaking and magical…a God moment for us!

Thank you to all the staff at Christienne Spa for being part of our wonderful love story. Remember, you don’t get the rainbow without the rain…life can be amazing in Plan B!!

Kim and Joe