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March to Niagara Falls for These Springtime Attractions

image001Spring in Niagara Falls is a beautiful time of year, when the winter snows melt and the landscape turns  green with new life. While March doesn’t yet boast the multi-hued buds in Niagara’s luscious gardens, this month is still one of the most enjoyable times of year to visit the region.

After the freezing temperatures of winter but before the busy tourist season of summer, March presents the perfect opportunity to comfortably see the sights without the pressure of millions of fellow travelers. Here are our favorite March activities to keep you busy on your Niagara vacation.

1. Christienne Fallsview Spa

Most people go on vacation to catch up on rest and relaxation, and there is no better way to melt stress away than at Niagara Falls’ Christienne Fallsview Spa. With dozens of treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body, this spa will have you feeling ready and raring for new life challenges as soon as you step out the door. Our favorite service is the hydrotherapy infinity tub, which faces enormous windows overlooking the Horseshoe and American Falls; the sight and sound of that rushing water soothes our tense muscles like magic.

2. Greg Frewin Theatre

Speaking of magic, there is no better complement to the mystery of Niagara Falls than a terrific magic show, and there is no better magic show than one performed by Greg Frewin, World Champion of Magic. At his phenomenal Greg Frewin Theatre, the illustrious illusionist accomplishes amazing feats, making people and objects disappear in the blink of an eye. Kids and adults alike enjoy the playful banter of Frewin and his associates, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you spend the rest of your trip wondering “How does he do it?”

3. Bird Kingdom

image003Believe it or not, just five minutes from Canada’s gorgeous natural wonder Niagara Falls lies a lush tropical landscape filled with exotic animals, from brightly plumed birds to ornately patterned reptiles — and more. The Bird Kingdom brings the warmth and color of the tropical rainforest to Niagara Falls, welcoming visitors to see and hold hundreds of bizarre creatures from distant lands. The zoo contains the world’s largest indoor free-flying aviary, allowing birds of many stripes to enjoy spreading their wings while visitors walk below; plus, guests can venture into the Night Jungle, where nocturnal beasts like bats and owls go on the prowl. Even as you step into the cool air of March in Niagara Falls, you’ll still have memories of your short vacation in the tropics.

4. Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show

It’s a rollicking performance of Canadian national pride — no, it’s a filling, delicious meal of Canada’s most iconic foods — no, it’s both! The “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show” offers visitors a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience, demonstrating fully what it is to be Canadian through presentations of familiar Canadian characters, like the Mountie and the hockey player; sing-alongs of traditional Canadian folk songs, like “Something to Sing About” and “Oh, Canada;” and delicious Canadian foods, like fried Atlantic Haddock, French-Canadian pea soup, and maple chocolate cake. Winning several awards over its 20 years on stage for its outstanding songs, dancing, and acting, the “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show” will have you laughing through all five courses, plus dessert.