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How to Organize a Field Trip to Niagara Falls

image001Whether your kids are homeschooled or your public school needs a break from the classroom, an extended field trip allows children to develop connections between what they learn in school and how they experience the real world. Plus, kids love new experiences, and field trips usually are as entertaining and exciting as they are educational.

Because Niagara Falls is such a dazzling natural phenomenon, it makes perfect sense to plan a field trip exploring the fascinating science and rich history of the place. Here’s all you need to know to plan your extended field trip in Niagara Falls.

Research Your Potential Itinerary

Niagara Falls is so surfeit with exciting and educational activities and attractions that if you don’t plan well you might leave without experiencing some of the best. What you choose to show your students will depend on their grade level and the areas of knowledge you hope to expand.

For example, for a trip devoted to exploring the historical events of Niagara Falls, you should certainly plan stops at:

  • Laura Secord Homestead
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • McFarland House
  • Lundy’s Lane Battlefield

If you want your students to learn more about the complex geologic processes that formed the waterfalls, you can’t miss:

  • Niagara Falls History Museum
  • White Water Walk
  • Niagara’s Fury
  • Hydroelectric Power Station
  • Journey Behind the Falls

The abundant fecundity of the Niagara region makes the city and surrounds flourish; here are the places you and your students can investigate biology and ecology:

  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • Safari Niagara
  • Bird Kingdom

Of course, a well-rounded education is always superior to one that emphasizes one subject alone. It is wise to mix and match different areas of study to provide your kids as much real-world experience as possible. However, before you fill your days to bursting with purely educational activities, you should be sure to allow your kids time to enjoy some just-for-fun attractions, including:

  • Greg Frewin Theatre
  • Adventure City Arcade
  • Hornblower Niagara Cruises boat tour

Organize Transport, Lodging, and Meals

image003A road trip to Niagara Falls couldn’t be easier — when you don’t have 20 kids to look after morning, noon, and night. While planning future activities can be thrilling, thinking about the logistics of any trip is usually more work than play. However, because Niagara Falls is such a popular vacation destination, it is well-equipped with all the services you need to make lodging and meals incredibly easy.

More likely than not, your school board will provide bus transportation and drivers to convey your class from here to there. However, if you don’t have access to buses — whether due to budget cuts or homeschooling — you may be relieved to know that Niagara Falls is equipped with one of the most advanced tourism transit systems in the world, WEGO. Instead of worrying about cabs or rental cars, you can corral all the students onto one WEGO bus and reach basically any Niagara Falls attraction you might want to see.

In order to make exploring Niagara Falls as safe and easy as possible, you should find accommodation in a comfortable hotel in the city’s tourist district. Sheraton on the Falls is just steps from dozens of top attractions, and it has been serving visitors to the Falls for decades, so you can be sure it provides excellent quality for low expense.

Finally, Niagara Falls is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world, which means the city offers hundreds of restaurant options for young, picky eaters. While it may be cost-effective to bring along snacks to keep little ones full and focused, you should know that plenty of eateries around the tourist district offer filling and nutritious meals that kids love. Some of the most popular family-friendly restaurants include:

  • Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
  • Rainforest Café
  • Fallsview Buffet
  • Hard Rock Cafe

Complete the Necessary Paperwork

Homeschool and traditional classes alike require a bit of bureaucracy to function regularly, so when you want to break the regular schedule in favor of an educational opportunity you can’t miss (i.e. a field trip) you can expect a small mountain of paperwork to complete before the excursion can happen. You may need to contact the school board, principal, intended destinations, and more to provide information, such as:

  • Why you want a field trip
  • How many children will attend
  • Who the chaperones are
  • Where you will be staying
  • What activities and attractions you are planning

You will need permission from all participants — including kids’ parents — before you can leave for your class’s most memorable field trip.

Even though logically Niagara Falls is a geologic phenomenon that formed over hundreds of thousands of years of shifting rock and melting ice, it can be easy to believe that Niagara Falls was created just for kids. You can allow your class to learn and discover the mysteries of Niagara Falls while they let loose in this entertaining destination when you plan your field trip to this natural wonder.