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6 More Travel Hacks to Love

image001We received so many positive responses from our last post about travel hacks that we just had to share more! A vacation in Niagara Falls is easy, but traveling to and from any destination can be a pain (in the head, neck, back, and feet). Here are more tips to see you happily and healthily through your next trip to Niagara (or anywhere else).

1. Copy Your IDs

Niagara Falls is — surprisingly to most visitors — in both America and Canada, and you certainly do need a passport to travel to the Canadian side (which boasts the bigger, better waterfalls and most of the famous attractions). Unfortunately, important documents have a habit of going missing in the shuffle. Having a digital or hard copy of your passport, ID card, and itinerary may help you recover faster if your stuff gets lost or stolen.

2. Cover Your Dirty Stuff

If you don’t want sweat or grime to get all over your fresh clothing, you should enclose your dirty stuff in plastic shopping bags to trap in the dirt and smell. You might want to wrap up your shoes before you depart, since they probably already have some debris trapped on them. In a fix, you can also use shower caps to segregate the dirty from the clean.

3. Protect Your Luggage

When you fly, you can tag your luggage as “fragile,” and at no extra cost, your checked bags will receive premium treatment. Instead of getting thrown around like the rest of the passengers’ luggage, your bags will be carried carefully by a loader to the plane, where it will be placed on top of the rest, preventing crushing. Additionally, because of its position in the cargo hold, your bag will be among the first released into the baggage claim area. Not bad for a free sticker.

4. Wear Your Heavy Stuff

image003Heavy clothing — like boots and winter coats — is usually bulky as well, and when suitcase space is at a premium, you might be hesitant to pack them. However, as we enter the second half of the year, Niagara Falls’ temperate weather is turning cool fast, and soon you will need those thick socks and long scarves to enjoy the scenery. You can bring along your heavy, bulky stuff by wearing it onto the plane. As a bonus, thick coats often make excellent pillows, so you can get a good nap while bringing along crucial gear.

5. Avoid the Currency Counter

Exchanging currencies is a hassle no matter where you go — luckily, most places in Niagara Falls accept both American and Canadian dollars. Still, if you must exchange your currency, you should stay far away from with airport converters. They charge additional fees and usually aren’t fair with their rates. Instead, you can exchange cash at banks or ATMs for a more reliable trade.

6. Look Like a Local

For the most rewarding travel experience, you should avoid common tourist tropes, like:

  • Keeping your nose in the guidebook
  • Seeing the destination through a camera lens
  • Eating at familiar restaurants
  • Using your native language
  • Dressing for comfort rather than custom

By avoiding what you are used to and trying to look like a local, you will likely have amazing new experiences you won’t soon forget. When you are in Niagara Falls, you can pick up some Canadian slang, eat a few Canadian treats, and generally enjoy life north of the border.