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5 Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Niagara

For some people, trying to decide where to spend the holidays is easy, whether it’s because Mom’s stuffing is too fantastic to miss or because you married into a family that’s amazing at marking Hanukkah. For many, however, the holidays often present one more dilemma of decision-making that can create more headaches than happy memories. If you’re unsure about where to spend the holidays this December, consider giving yourself a vacation you’ll always remember. Here are five reasons to head to the Niagara region for the holidays.

1. The Falls

image001Ironically, the waterfalls at Niagara Falls are sometimes taken for granted, by locals and visitors alike. After all, they’re always here, and because they’re the primary reason the place is known as a destination at all, they can get lumped in with the ordinary — until you see them in person that is. When you first lay eyes in real time anspace on these stunning displays of nature’s power and majesty, you’ll realize they aren’t just photo opportunities. They’re proof of the world’s wildness, and they can serve as a means to reconnect with wonder — something many of us are looking for in our holiday experiences.

2. The Winter Festival of Lights

If you love holiday light displays, the Winter Festival of Lights is its own reason to spend the holidays in Niagara. Millions of lights and illuminated holiday displays span an almost three-mile route that includes the Dufferin Islands, the tourist districts, and parts of the Niagara Parks. More than 1 million visitors head to Niagara for this light display from November 21 until January 31, and you can easily be one of them.

3. The Wine

The wine in Niagara is a reason to visit every day of the year, but for anyone who loves to eat their holiday meals with the fruit of the vine, it can be hard to improve on the offerings available throughout the Niagara Peninsula. While many of our area wineries distribute their goods beyond the region, there are still plenty of vintages that can only be gotten locally. If you consider yourself a oenophile, or if you’re aspiring to become one, the holidays are a perfect time to hunker down with some excellent Niagara wine and get to know the region’s terroir and offerings a little better.

4. The Food

image003Niagara is known as a gastronomical wonderland, and during the holidays, the many excellent farm-to-table restaurants provide menus that reflect the season and the season’s bounty. If you’re worried that you’ll miss out on your favorite holiday food, let Niagara’s talented chefs and fertile farms counter that concern. From Windows by Jamie Kennedy and the Rainbow Room to Treadwell and Ravine Winery Restaurant, you can satisfy every taste bud on your tongue multiple times throughout a holiday stay in the area.

5. Fewer People

Finally, celebrate the holidays with a trip to Niagara, because Niagara itself takes on a mystique unique to the season. While the summer affords an energy that can only be granted by massive crowds and non-stop action, the winter’s slower pace and less populated spaces make it an ideal time to be alone or with a loved one. For a holiday that’s intimate, Niagara in December is perfect.

So head to Niagara for the holidays, from the falls to the food, it’s a perfect time for celebration.