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4 Restaurants With Live Music in Niagara

SOTFblog3.jpegEating dinner while on vacation is almost always a treat. Besides being able to relish the work of someone else’s hands in preparation, service, and clean up, many towns, regions, and provinces have their very own unique spin on dining and food. The Niagara region is especially rich when it comes to restaurants that are able to provide excellent eating experiences, and for the traveler to Niagara who loves live music, many establishments provide that as well.

Here is a closer look at four of the restaurants in the region that can be counted on to provide quality, live music along with their tasty fare.

Mahtay Cafe

A comfortable and cozy little cafe and restaurant in St. Catharines, the Mahtay Cafe is a favorite among the locals. The first time you set foot in it, you’ll see why. Besides offering a welcoming atmosphere, they’re also a mainstay of the local music scene, offering everything from live jazz to record release events. Thursdays are open mic nights, and the first Friday of every month brings out all the local slam poets.

The live music events tend to start earlier in the evening, too, so you can enjoy your meal and the music at the same time. They’re open from 7 a.m. in the morning until late at night, and their menu has everything on it from hummus and nachos to pizza and salads.

The Olde Angel Inn

An authentic English pub, The Olde Angel Inn was originally established all the way back in 1789. It boasts gas fireplaces in its three dining rooms, and the decor and atmosphere absolutely drip history. They’re another go-to venue for local and regional bands, too, where every Wednesday through Saturday, you can find everything from a rock and roll band to a singer-songwriter gracing the stage. Their food can accommodate quite the variance in taste, too, as you’ll find both escargot and potato skins on the menu in addition to many excellent beer and wine offerings.

SOTFblog4.jpegSpicy Olive Bar and Grille

Centrally located in the Niagara Falls tourist district, which means it’s just a quick walk from the waterfalls themselves, the Spicy Olive is a family-owned and operated restaurant that features tasty Italian fare seven days a week.

They also offer live music almost every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. If you’re someone who likes to dance, the music they feature tends to be the kind you can move to. So, come in for dinner and enjoy everything from stone-fired pizzas to specialty pastas, and then, dance the night away.

Niagara Brewing Company

An excellent craft brewery to head to if you or anyone in your party is a beer lover, Niagara Brewing Company specializes in quality craft beers and delicious food.  They have mouth-watering pizza and sandwiches, and a number of other amazing menu items like chicken wings, fries, and soft pretzels. They also offer live music every day from local Niagara musicians.

The next time you make it to Niagara, don’t forego the music in favor of a meal. As these four restaurants show, there are plenty of ways to do both.