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When You Need to Find a Dress in Niagara, Head to One of These 3 Shops

SOTFBlog1It’s almost inevitable when you head out on vacation that something you count as essential is forgotten or misplaced. While a missing toothbrush, shaver, or phone charger is certainly annoying to have to hunt down in a new location, these types of commonly forgotten items are almost always replaceable at any number of different stores close to your Niagara hotel. Forgetting your little black dress or its equivalent, however, is a problem of an entirely different magnitude.

For the woman intent on looking her best along every stop of her Niagara itinerary, leaving a treasured piece of clothing in your closet back home is tantamount to disaster. Should you find yourself facing a fancy evening without your fancy evening wear in the shadow of Niagara Falls, don’t despair. The Niagara region has plenty of places where you can find the perfect dress to replace the one you left behind, whether what you need is wedding attire, film premier, anniversary dinner, or icewine gala.

The Perfect Dress

Just as the name suggests, you really can find the perfect dress at this store, so long as the dress you’re looking for is on the fancier side. A formal wear shop that caters to brides, teenagers headed to prom or quinceanera, and women on the guest lists of the region’s finest galas, The Perfect Dress is an ideal spot if the dress you’re replacing was a true force to be reckoned with. Whether you want sequins, silk, floor length or a rhinestone-studded mini, when you need something to wear to a black tie affair in Niagara, The Perfect dress is the perfect place to find what you need.


Located in the Niagara Mall, when you need a simple dress fast and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, pop into Ardene. While it tends to cater to a younger crowd, a woman of almost any age should be able to find something she could use here, provided she doesn’t mind looking very on-trend, and who could possibly mind that — especially while on vacation?

While nothing in the store will fit in the formal wear category (just in case you’re going to a wedding), there are plenty of more casual-looking and feeling dresses as well as dresses that would be perfect for a cocktail party or dinner.

Canadian Clothing Exchange

SOTFblog2A consignment store unlike any other, you might feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack at the Canadian Clothing Exchange when you’re looking for the perfect dress, but since the store routinely deals in gently used designer threads, it’s actually possible to find an amazing dress at a massive savings.

That being said, you should only venture into the Canadian Clothing Exchange if you aren’t pinched for time in regards to your dress pursuit. Because their inventory is always turning over, it’s possible to spend time hunting there and still not turn up a single item you can use.

So, don’t worry when you leave your favorite dress behind. So long as your vacation is in Niagara, you can easily find a standout replacement.