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3 Reasons a Trip to Niagara Just Might Make You a Better, Happier Person

SOTFblog1When people head out on a vacation, they do so for a wide range of relatively predictable reasons: It’s time for a much-needed break. Wanderlust has struck, and adventure calls. Some have a desire to see as much of the world as they can before they die. Others just want to have a good time. These reasons and others like them are certainly valid reasons to travel. After all, these are the reasons millions of people keep visiting Niagara year after year.

For some people, however, another desire is at work when they travel that’s much bigger than adventure, fun, or a break from the ordinary.

Some people undertake travel in order to become a better person, and while that idea may evoke images of ashrams and shamans, you don’t have to head to India to have your heart and mind expanded through travel. Because Niagara is a place unlike any other on earth — geographically and culturally speaking — opportunities to be transformed exist here as well.

If you’re looking for a vacation that just might help you become a better and happier person, here are three reasons why you should book a trip to Niagara.

1. You’ll Gain Perspective

For anyone who wishes to gain a little perspective, a trip to Niagara Falls is in order. All that water rushing and roaring can remind you that Life with a capital L is much bigger than you are, and you can gain that perspective regardless of whether you’re on the deck of the Maid of the Mist, on a Journey Behind the Falls, or just standing on the shore.

Especially if you feel bogged down by the minutiae of daily life, a trip to see the three waterfalls will help realign your point-of-view so you can quit focusing on the small and inconsequential aspects of life to embrace what really matters to you.

2. You Can Remember Good Food

SOTFblog2The Niagara Peninsula boasts some of the most fertile and productive farm country in all of North America. Thousands upon thousands of acres are devoted to grapes, vegetables, fruit trees, and dairy cows. It’s a region where finding a restaurant with a menu that offers food sourced from nearby farms is easy and commonplace.

For the traveler who wants to really taste her food again in an effort to reconnect with her body and the land, the fantastic farm-to-table options throughout the Niagara region can become a taste-centered spiritual retreat.

3. You Can Unplug

If the mad rush of an overly technological life is starting to fray you at your edges, the wild places of the Niagara region can help set you aright. From hiking in the Niagara Glen for a day to spending weeks out on the Bruce Trail, it’s easy to feel less like a machine and more like a human being here. Leave your phone in your hotel room, and spend your days in the well-preserved wilderness. The stress will leave your body, and you’ll remember the possibility of real connection.

Let Niagara work its magic. If you play your cards right and make the effort, a trip here just might help you become a happier, better person.