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Why You Should Visit the Niagara Falls Public Library When You Come to Town

sotfblog7Some tourists painstakingly tend their itineraries in the days and weeks leading up to a much-anticipated trip with the attention of a neurosurgeon, hoping to ensure that every minute and hour isn’t just accounted for but is maximized to its fullest potential. From where the first cup of coffee will be purchased and consumed to the midnight snack and accompanying nightcap that end each day, no detail is left to chance. While it’s not the path for every traveler, it’s definitely a path that works. When itinerary-loving visitors head to Niagara, they end up experiencing the region almost as fully as a life-long resident.

But even the most careful planner can miss some out-of-the-way gems. Yes, there are scores of wineries to visit. There are all those ways to experience the waterfalls. There are parks and shows and restaurants and museums, which is why almost every traveler skips over one of Niagara Falls’ best-kept secrets: its public libraries.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to our fair little town, be sure to include an afternoon or evening at one of our public library’s excellent branches. Regardless of whether or not you have a passel of children in tow, there is much to enjoy. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Niagara Falls Public Library deserves a spot on your vacation itinerary.

The Rosberg Gallery

SOTFblog8Located at the library system’s Victoria Avenue Branch, the Rosberg Gallery offers up a monthly, changing exhibit that almost always features an artist from the Niagara area, although the occasional traveling exhibit is included as well. If you have an interest in local art scenes, the Rosberg Gallery will give you a glimpse into some of what’s happening in Niagara’s.

Big Screen Tuesdays

Big Screen Tuesdays are a movie event that takes place most Tuesday nights at the Victoria Avenue Branch and the Chippewa Branch. Most often, the movies that are shown have just made the theatre rounds or are still in the theatre but have not yet been released on DVD. A wide range of movies is shown from family films to serious dramas. You can bring popcorn or snacks, and the movie is completely free. The show time is great as well. Depending on the location, the movie starts at 6 p.m. or 6:30 p.m., which means you can take in a film and still go out and grab dinner or dessert.

Just for Kids

If you are traveling with children, the library makes a great place to spend a few quiet hours in between water parks, arcades, and candy store runs. Settle in to a quiet corner and read books together. Take in some of the programming that’s specifically for little ones, whether it’s a Saturday morning story time drop-in or a Lego robotics class. For child-centered educational fun, the Niagara Falls Public Library has a lot to offer.

So, pad your itinerary with a trip to the library or two. From movies and art to kid-centered activities, the public library is an ideal stop for any Niagara Falls vacation.