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Two Shows, Three Stars: Tributes You’re Going to Love This June in Niagara

sotfblog1Whether you head to Niagara on a regular basis or you’re just now planning your itinerary for your very first trip, it probably goes without saying that the city of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area have scores of offerings. From gambling and shopping to hiking and theatre, there is literally something for almost every type of person under the sun to do from sunup until well past sundown.

One of the best forms of entertainment routinely enjoyed in Niagara is live music. From Top 40 artists to legends from yesteryear, some of the world’s most celebrated artists and musicians have made stops in Niagara to sold-out crowds. In addition to these fabulous acts are those fabulous acts that emulate them so well you’d swear they were the very stars they claim they’re pretending to be. Here are three tribute acts so good, you’ll wonder whether or not you just experienced the real thing.

Joe Scalissi as Dean Martin

For lovers of show business’ Golden Years, there are few artists who can hold a candle to the legendary crooning and cool of Dean Martin, and Joe Scalissi is able to channel him like few others can. Featuring a live band, special guests, and all the singing, dancing, laughing, and style you can handle, Scalissi’s Martin is entertainment writ large.

Not only does he look like Dean Martin, he also dresses like him, sounds like him, winks like him, and moves like him. Held at the Greg Frewin Theatre on June 2nd for both a matinee and an evening show that can also include a meal option, this act is an all ages’ event that will take you right back to the heady, classy days of the Rat Pack.

A Tribute to Bette Midler and Barry Manilow

sotfblog2Two of the most beloved and celebrated performers of the past few decades, fans of Bette Midler and Barry Manilow will love the way this event showcases each artists’ range.

Kathy Thompson, one of the finest celebrity impersonators the world has ever seen, channels Ms. Midler in everything from her tooth-filled grin to her signature curls and enormous personality and voice. Concert-goers will feel like they are in the presence of Bette herself as Kathy belts out hits like “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “The Rose,” and “Under the Boardwalk.”

A celebrity impersonator of Barry Manilow for over 15 years, Joe Passion has taken his act to nearly every corner of the globe. More than just a gifted mimic, he is also an impresario on the piano and an accomplished songwriter in his own right, which makes his performance as Barry Manilow all that more believable.

From “Mandy,” and “Can’t Smile Without You” to “I Write the Songs” and “Daybreak,” you’ll experience the best of Barry Manilow at a fraction of the cost. This two star act is slated take place at the Greg Frewin Theatre on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016. Two shows, a matinee and an evening show, are offered, and both of them can include a meal if you so choose.

So come to Niagara and be entertained as these performers prove they’re every bit as amazing as the stars their performances pay homage to.