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A Partially Frozen Niagara Falls is a Beautiful Winter Sight

The partially frozen Niagara Falls in January.
The icy Horseshoe Falls this winter.

Niagara Falls has been experiencing its coldest January on record, and it’s because of this frigid and freezing weather that the Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Falls are such a spectacular sight to behold this winter. The Falls are partially frozen and the areas surrounding the enormous waterfalls have been transformed into an incredible icy landscape, so bundle up and grab your camera because you won’t want to miss out on the beauty of this partially-frozen natural wonder.

Walk to the Brink

A walk to the brink of the Horseshoe Falls is definitely worth braving the cold as you can get up close to the icy water and see the icicles and snow that have transformed the area into a beautiful winter wonderland. Stroll along the Niagara Parkway towards the Table Rock Welcome Centre and experience some of the best vantage points for viewing frozen Niagara Falls.

Fallsview Rooms & Restaurants

View of Niagara Falls this wintertime.
View of the Horseshoe and American Falls from the Sheraton on the Falls.

If you’re looking for a warmer way to take in the sight of the icy Falls, there are a number of great Fallsview hotels and restaurants that offer sweeping views from floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy delicious food and stunning views at Windows by Jamie Kennedy Fresh Grill & Wine Bar or Fallsview Buffet, and have a cozy hotel stay in a Fallsview guestroom at the luxurious Sheraton on the Falls.

Journey Behind the Falls

Explore the 130-year-old tunnel system running directly behind the Horseshoe Falls at Journey Behind the Falls, an iconic attraction that connects you with sights of the partially frozen water and thunderous sounds of Niagara Falls from directly behind.