Hotel Green Initiatives

The Sheraton on the Falls has been recognized with a prestigious 4 Green Keys Rating from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program. The rating commends the Sheraton’s commitment to environmental protection through the implementation of programs and policies. Several initiatives have been put into place at both the guest and staff level which have resulted in measurable and substantial results.

Some of the eco initiatives put into place are:
  • Addition of upgraded lighting systems
  • Optional linen service in guestrooms
  • Water Conservation programs
  • Energy Conservation programs
  • Efficient Waste Management (reduction, reuse, recycling)
  • Eco-purchasing (taking environmental considerations into purchasing decisions)
  • Conference Centre Meeting Room Supplies made from at least 30% recycle materials(pens, notepads)
  • Standard Set-points for Guestroom Thermostats
  • Housekeepers use natural lighting during service when possible
  • Housekeepers ensure all electronics are switched off in unoccupied rooms
  • Housekeepers ensure windows/doors are closed when heating/cooling systems are operating
  • Chemical Cleaners are being phased out in favour of biodegradable/vegetable based products
  • Aerosol cans are being phased out in favour of refillable hand pump containers
  • Old equipment replaced with Energy Star efficient models
  • Performance audits performed regularly
  • Heating/Cooling systems monitored and regulated via computer control systems

Guest Green Reward

To encourage participation in optional guestroom programs, the Sheraton on the Falls now rewards guests with a $5.00 Starbucks Café Gift Card valid at the Sheraton on the Falls lobby location. Guests will receive the gift card if housekeeping service is declined during their stay.

Green Key Eco Rating