Niagara Vines

Niagara Vines Winebar

Situated in the interior of the Sheraton on the Falls lobby, Niagara Vines is a relaxing venue for a nightcap, an ideal gathering point throughout the day or a space outside of your guest room to sit and relax with a paper, laptop or catch a game.

Enjoy our Niagara Vines Winebar as we have selected every VQA wine from the entire Niagara Region. The wineries of Niagara are nestled below the Niagara Escarpment amidst a landscape of vineyards and orchards stretching from the picturesque Niagara River Parkway to the Niagara Bench. We think of Niagara as an oasis for those who want the ultimate food and wine experience – and so does TripAdvisor!

Each Niagara winery tells a unique story, with its own defining characteristics, as distinctive as the wines they create. We can’t wait for you to try some of those rare vintages, special reserves, new releases, or small batch specialties.
Please feel free to ask questions. We’re happy to share what we know.

For the visionaries who began transforming this landscape over 30 years ago, the over 80 wineries in Niagara are the realization of a dream: Niagara has become a community of winemakers crafting some of the best wines in the world.