Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Wine Rack is an exceptional wine boutique located inside the lobby of the Sheraton on the Falls hotel that is a part of the new Canadian Gifts & Marketplace retail destination. Wine Rack offers an excellent selection of quality Niagara, Ontario, and Canadian-blended International Wines, along with approachable and knowledgeable staff members who can recommend the perfect bottle of wine for every occasion.

The Wine Rack boutique also offers free wine tasting experiences to help you discover the fantastic and diverse tastes of Niagara’s world-famous wine country. One of its signature tasting experiences is Inniskillin’s award-winning Icewine, which is a famous variety known around the world for its sweet and complex flavours.

The Niagara Region is Canada’s largest wine-growing region and possesses a unique micro-climate that allows for the production of amazing Icewines and world-class VQA red and white varieties. And Wine Rack will connect you with all of the best that the Niagara Region has to offer by featuring impressive selections that make for wonderful gifts and work as fantastic additions to any dinner party or special event.

And for a complete Niagara wine experience, you can visit the Niagara Vines Wine Bar, located next to the Wine Rack boutique in the Sheraton on the Falls lobby. Niagara Vines is a relaxing and trendy venue that offers an ideal spot to enjoy a drink at night or gather with a group during the day. The wine bar features an amazing selection of VQA wines from throughout the Niagara Region and is a unique venue in which to unwind with a drink.

Embark on a journey through Niagara’s wine country with a visit to the lobby of the Sheraton on the Falls hotel, and get ready to discover all of the amazing wines that this beautiful region has to offer at the incredible Wine Rack boutique.